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  • One Day Like This – Elbow
  • While You Wait For The Others - Grizzly Bear
  • Blowing Lungs Like Bubbles - Efterklang
  • Please, Baby, Please - David Bazan
  • Stand By Me - John Lennon
  • In The Flowers - Animal Collective
  • I Want To Tell You - The Beatles
  • How To Disappear Completely - Radiohead
  • The Way Young Lovers Do - Van Morrison
  • All Neon Like - Bj√∂rk

Sunday, 27 June 2010

More Exciting Packages

I got some postcards printed up by the fantastic people at JamJar Print. They arrived yesterday but I've only just had a chance to put them up on my blog. I'll have them to hand out at New Designers in London and I'll also be sending out some mail art packages with them included. If you're interested in exchanging some mail art feel free to drop me your address. There could be some badges in it for you!

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